At few kilometres you can visit:

Montisola, the largest island in european lakes,
Zone pyramids, very interesting land of geological origin,
Valeriana way with wonderful view of the lake and his mountain,
the Vello-Toline way near the lake to esclusive use of the pedestrians and bycicles,
the Franciacorta and his very famouse wine,
the “Torbiere del Sebino” a natural reserve for your trip in the nature,
the ski tracks in the suggestive mountain,
the Incisioni Rupestri of Valcamonica.

You can do very pleasant your holidays!
Distance from airports
Airport Bergamo-Orio Al serio 67 Km
Airport Milano-Linate Km. 110
Airport Milano-Malpensa Km. 154
Airport Verona-Villafranca Km. 92
Airport Venezia Km. 218